World Map

These images display the world we are playing in. The big picture below is meant to show you the islands adjacent to the main continent. The color changes on the continent depict different ownership of the land. The separate images of the islands and main continent are much higher quality when enlarged, so you can zoom in for more detail. Enjoy!

BIGMAPseconddraft (1)

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Main Continent

The large beach in the NW peninsula are owned by a large tribe of water worshipers. The green up North means it is not ruled by anyone. It’s a free society, that’s why there are so many townships around though (although a lot of towns and villages are not shown because they have not been revealed yet). In the NE is Fartroth Forest, littered with Orc’s and unsavory characters. A dangerous area. The bridges connect to a sailor’s village and port. This is free land that has been defended successfully many times from Fartroth’s forces. The Bleeding Eye, named because it grows a rare red algae once a year and gets dispersed into the sea, is controlled by Gammet Tong. A murderous madman that has a fortress in the water, only accessible by 1 bridge connected to the continent. They are usually left alone. The Gray patch in the mountain range is looked after by a large mining and forestry company ran by a Dwarf named Porlo. The large brown area is Prideborn, it has a bloody and violent history until it’s king was killed and replaced. The current king gave a lot of the conquered land back that was stolen and has ruled his land peacefully. The Sleeping Giants are part of Prideborn but have experienced a mysterious tragedy. The nearly rectangular small off white patch is a farming community who made small rivers to run through their crops off of the main river. SW corner lies one of the many Wizard Schools, this land is owned by the school and has a bit of a “standard” to live there.  South is mostly planes owned by a few retired teachers. It is around water and a beach so many adventurers come to retire… it USED to have a beautiful view of the Sleeping Giants.


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Kingdom of Jartung

Map (37)

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Kingdom of Sorrum

Map (36)

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Forsaken Island’s/ The Four Elder’s

Map (39)

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Ice Cliffs

Map (38)

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